Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pinky The Prono Star How Long Can Pinky Mice Or Pinky Rats Survive Without Its Mom?

How long can pinky mice or pinky rats survive without its mom? - pinky the prono star

When I go to the reptile show with me at least a week .. Received IM 2, snakes wanted and the time Pinky mice or rats have survived had, if I take home?


Steph (all2lonely) said...

Hi Patrick ... Ask the same question the other day? The same answer, pinky pinky mice and rats can live maybe 1 day, without its mother's milk.

LOREN P said...

1 or 2 days, rarely 3rd Not very good for the child if the rodents.
Personally I would not buy at the show on the day of purchase of snakes recommended, it would be better to move the snakes into their new home, at least leave for a few days, 5-7 days and the best food.
Also, I do not recall seeing, live rodents for sale on the market, only frozen, but I think that's possible. This would be a good time to freeze an agreement on some, but first the dealer if the snake snakes have been used for frozen foods in particular. Most snakes will accept it without any problems, but some boas and pythons are selective. I live a few snakes in my large collection with only.

trublu00... said...

I had a small boa for a while and we mice Pinky and Fuzz was a pain. My snake was needed to feed once a week, and Boa is made available as food. I have often in the pet pet store because they sold out. I had to die in 20 minutes to. Home. Usually last only a few hours to a peak day. I never saw the last time, after they had in the tank, they virtually disappeared.

Aaron H said...

Well, it depends. I feed my lizard sometimes pinkies. If they maybe kept in a good 3 days. You could live on milk and get 4 to 5 days. I know my reptiles, so, by what I say and you will do.

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